The mission of MY WIFE ROCKS PRODUCTIONS is to develop creative homebrew video game conversions of awesomely unique boardgames. The result is highly replayable games with all the tension, strategy, and unpredictablity of "off the grid" games. While rolling digitized dice is not often thought of as cutting edge gameplay, you will be surprised by how robust and enjoyable these games can be, especially with a bit of patience and imagination.

Spank the Monkey DS

When you work in a junkyard, life is usually slow and dull. But not anymore! A monkey has been sighted high up on a pile of junk where it is wreaking havoc on your work. Your boss has been generous enough to award all recyclable cans in the junkyard to the employee who can get rid of the monkey. Build a tower of junk quicker and higher than your colleagues and the reward will be yours... that is IF you're the first to Spank the Monkey! This single player Nintendo DS conversion of the humorous card game designed by Peter Hansson of Gigantoskop, is chock full of all the monkey spanking charm found in the original card game. (Visit the Gigantoskop Homepage for more details or to purchase an "off the grid" copy.)

In addition to the original deck of 120 junk, attack, defense, reinforcement, and special cards, this conversion includes the Monkey Business expansion - 60 additional cards PLUS the coin-based buy/sell gameplay mechanic! Special NDS features include a physics-based die throw via the touchscreen, vertical DS screen graphics ("bookmode"), innovative (and humorous) menu controls, deck view mode, and "realistic" card game touchscreen controls. Approximately 25% of the card actions require further programming, as well as additional sound code, bug fixes, and AI improvements - which may or may not be addressed with future versions. So, grab your gloves and dive into the rubbish as you challenge two computer controlled junkyard employees to be the first to Spank the Monkey!

NOTE: The controls rely heavily on stylus motions, so using the file with actual DS hardware will provide the best gameplay experience. However, the .nds file is also compatible with the NO$GBA NDS emulator, which must be used in conjunction with the NO$Zoomer Add-on for screen rotation. These files are combined with the .nds file and .txt instructions in the download package below. Feel free to email for help if you have trouble. Enjoy!

Ver. 1.0 | 75% COMPLETE | UPDATED 01.15.10

Zombie in my Pocket: Cellular Edition

"The dead walk the earth. You must search the house for the EVIL TEMPLE, and find the zombie totem. Then take the totem outside, and bury it in the GRAVEYARD, all before the clock strikes midnight." So opens the most creative, free "print-and-play" downloadable solitare zombie adventure game... Designed by Jeremiah Lee with superb graphics by Kwanchai Moriya, Zombie in my Pocket's simple design and addictive gameplay have spawned a large fan following and a number of game variants (visit the BoardGameGeek ZimP Wiki for details). The MWR Macromedia Flash conversion has been optimized for CDMA touchscreen cellular phones (hence no sound effects) and was developed specifically on the LG Voyager, shown below. Files can be uploaded to these phones using an application called BitPim (visit for details or for LG voyager tutorials).

While you can click on the screenshot below to play online (via Wii Browser or PC), going through the process to get the file on a cell phone is well worth the effort. Who can turn down a romp through a zombie infested house with a chainsaw in one hand and a grisly femur in the other, the fate of Earth in the balance? - All just a cell phone away. Zombie in my Pocket: cellular edition truly makes it the quick solitare game you can fit in your pocket! This version is the alpha release that may see future bug fixes and perhaps the inclusion of optional difficulties and senarios.

DOWNLOAD 1.1MB [ Touchscreen Phones | PC ]
Ver. 1.6 | 100% COMPLETE | UPDATED 03.08.09

PLAY ONLINE: Click Screenshot [ Wii Browser | PC ]

Escape from the Death Star

Relive the exciting escape of Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca as they attempt to navigate the labrynth of Death Star corridors and reach the Millenium Falcon. Originally designed by Stephen Hand and produced by West End Games, this one to four player game accurately recreates the chaos of the Death Star and the tension hinted at in the original Star Wars movie. The Macromedia Flash version presented here is intended to be playable on the Nintendo Wii via the Opera browser (Wii Browser). So grab your Wii remote and see if YOU have what it takes to escape from the Death Star! Remaining issues include minor graphic/sound adjustments and in-game help/how-to-play documentation. Click HERE to review the original boardgame rulebook.

PLAY ONLINE [ Wii Browser | PC ]
Ver. 0005 | 98% COMPLETE | UPDATED 01.25.09

"The Magical Quest Game"

If you are looking for the GBA version of a card based adventure quest boardgame, the current copyright owner (Games Workshop) threatened legal action if its availablity and production were not halted. YES - the homebrew creation was that complete and well designed! Of course, like many things released to the internet, it may continue to live on - perhaps only an internet search away - but you will not find the file for download here. Hopefully there will come a day when they realize the magical aspect of the game was the fanbased creations that provided free advertising and word-of-mouth distribution. Until then, I plan to move to other games more open to free publicity and fan adoration.

Ver. 0003 | 90% COMPLETE | UPDATED 06.05.07